Under African Skies

Maybe my « chance » was to grow up during the “best” years of my country, in terms of educational and social commitment from our parents, public and religious authorities.

I was already 25 years old at the beginning of the 21st Century and was quite « formatted », because no one living in this country can deny that there was in the early 2000 an unexpected and deep social breakdown which caused this cultural and moral disaster we are facing today.

Name of this breakdown was “alternance”, as we try call it today “emergence”.

“Alter” means in Latin other of two, something else, something different, and yes, we lived, and we are still living something altered

It was not a smooth and positive evolution of minds and behaviors, but a breach of a moral contract at every level of our society, that even our greatest sociologists could not predict.

Because with this rupture, came time for Honour, Valour and Pride to be replaced by value and price.

How many of us really know the meaning of our country flag’s colors, each word of our national anthem and names of the greatest leaders of Senegal before its independence?

Few of us are struggling every day to realize something positive for our country, and few isn’t enough.

Everywhere we are, here and abroad, we are doing our duty, our best, for our country, so we can leave a positive legacy to the future generations.

Whatever little chances and opportunities we have, we must catch them and create a better and sustainable future for our children, the real future of our country, as we are here fighting, WE, proud Senegalese, walking our days under African skies.

Xam Sa Warëf

initially published on June 9, 2015

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